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Robert Girrard
The Robert Girrard Collection has recently been released after years behind closed doors. These are rare and exclusive artworks which mark the early career of Thomas Kinkade.

The Robert Girrard era began in 1984 and continued for 6 years, representing more than 60 paintings.

It is the period in which Kinkade was free to experiment with new and unique colour combinations which resulted in a distinct broadening of his palette, the use of more exuberant brush strokes and impasto, and the refinement of the broken colour techniques of the French Impressionists.
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Plein Aire
Plein Air painting presents special challenges to the artist…challenges that I relish. The painting is done in one sitting, in no more than a few hours, so it's necessary to trust your emotions and your immediate reactions. The painting becomes an evocation of the artist's relationship to a place, not a literal detailed portrayal of the place itself. My brushstrokes are free, energetic, bold; my color choices are poetic. I paint in searing heat and in bitter cold; wind my tear at my canvas; dust often mixes with my pigments. Clouds shift, shadows dance across the buttes and canyons, transforming them even as I work. An effect of light may last for moments only, and I have to try to catch the fleeting enchantment.
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